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Hello, I am Bowen Zhang, and I'm currently a canidate for the BrainStation Data Science Diploma (Sept 2020). I have been transitioning into Data Science from a background with Economics and Data Analysis.

I graduated York University with a bachelors in Financial and Business Economics, and then completed a Micro-Master certfication in Data, Economics, and Development Policy from MIT online. The coursework involved Statistics, Experiment Design, RCT, A/B Testing, Data Collection & Management, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and using R. I have also completed the Data Science Specialization on Coursera consisting of 10 data science courses.

I am always eager to learn and find new ways to creatively solve problems. My mantra is also to keep learning improving. Here are some projects I have completed. Keep scrolling to check it out!

Bowen Zhang


ML/Deep Learning
R / ggplot2 / Tidyverse
C Programming
Javascript / JQuery
Git / Github


audio language classifier

Audio Language Detection AI

  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Pytorch/Python
  • Computer Vision

Deep learning AI created to detect up to 5 languages from speech. Built using pytorch.

Text Predictor

Text Predictor with Ngrams

  • Natural Language Processing
  • R/R-Studio
  • R Shiny
  • Quanteda

Web app that predicts the next word. Built with R, Shiny, and Quanteda package.

Ontario Covid Tracker

Ontario Covid Tracker

  • R/R-Studio
  • R Shiny
  • Leaflet
  • Visualizations

An interactive map tracking Ontario's COVID-19 cases. Built with R, Leaflet, & Shiny.

Interview App

My Interview App

  • Python + Flask
  • SQL
  • JavaScript + JQuery
  • Web Application

A simple web application that allows users to sign up and create their own personal interview application that simulates a virtual interview with users they share the link to.